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Wellington Hospital’s CTU is a dedicated clinical research facility funded by the Capital & Coast District Health Board.

Here, patients and volunteers can participate in medical research programmes that are run according to robust trial protocols.

Clinical_Trial_-_influenza_017.jpgThe 14-bed unit is the first to be located in a New Zealand public hospital, offering unprecedented access to the state-of-the-art facilities of a major regional institution, including radiology, intensive care, library and pharmacy services.

The CTU has access to a wide range of clinical specialists and networks for single-centre and multi-centre clinical research trials. Researchers are able to continue medical studies overnight, allowing closer monitoring of participants for longer periods and significantly enhancing the potential scope for clinical trials.

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  •  The state-of-the-art facilities of a regional hospital.
  •  Experienced specialist, medical and support staff.
  •  Dedicated 14-bed research facility with overnight stay capacity.
  •  Sound, proven experience in medical research.

At the Clinical Trials Unit, we pride ourselves on delivering professional and excellent services around clinical research and clinical trials. If you would like to conduct a study or participate in one, we can help.